The Joy of Healing

Is your life based on your past or what you desire? 
Have you ever imagined something other than what you are currently experiencing? At any given time, you are either living out of memory or inspiration. Most people most of the time are living out of their memories. What would living an inspired life be like? 
As mentioned in the Bible, “the sins of the father are borne upon their children”.  Wouldn’t you like to no longer live of the affect of the choices and experiences of your ancestors? 
Your subconscious holds the key to your success. Is your subconscious supporting or sabotaging yours?

 - Release the ties that bind you.
 - Cut the cords and attachments that hold you back from experiencing the life you desire.
Eliminate the blocks that prevent receiving what you want.
The Three Major Things That Stand in Your Way

your limiting beliefs
your negative memories
your karma
What would a life of freedom of the past be like?

What would your life be like if you could be, do or have that which you desire easily and effortlessly?
You deserve and can have a life of love, joy, balance peace and abundance.
Joy S. Pedersen, Angelic Channel, Healer and Coach